Corporate sales and technical support contact information, company history and project references. Since 1994, Connect802 has been your source for professional network services and equipment sales.

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Connect802 is a premiere, nationwide wireless data network design, sales, installation and support company. Call us to discuss your wireless network project at no cost or obligation.

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Since 1994 - Your nationwide source for wireless network expertise: product sales, on-site consulting, predictive RF CAD design

Connect802 Corporation

Founded in 1994, Connect802 Corporation is a privately held California corporation with headquarters in San Ramon, California, East Coast Engineering offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and Pacific Engineering Offices in Kahului, Maui in Hawaii


What We Do

Connect802 designs, sells and deploys secure, cost-effective wireless data network systems for Internet access, file server and database access, wireless Voice-over-IP, video camera surveillance, access control, RFID backhaul, environmental control and security systems, roaming robots, inventory control, and mobile handheld devices.

Why We're Different

Design Is Based On Predictive RF CAD Modeling:

System design based on predictive RF CAD modeling and simulation which helps avoid a costly, time-consuming, and often inaccurate on-site wireless survey. Unlike commercial CAD 3D modeling software, the custom OEM version of AudoDesk's AutoCAD that we use allows the creation of 3-dimensional RF models using standard 2D AutoCAD drawing files. Radio equipment and antennas are designed into the RF-accurate model with the ability to explore unlimited installation options and observe the signal coverage and capacity results in the simulation without having to walk around at a site and try to figure out how to design the network.

Equipment Has Been Evaluated For Excellence

We have evaluated wireless network equipment from all the major manufacturers (and a number of tier-two manufacturers as well) and we've selected a product mix that provides best-in-class products and software. More importantly, our sales and engineering team has a deep understanding of the features and capabilities of the available options in the market

Connect802 Has a Nationwide Presence

From hospitals in Hawaii to major universities in the Northeast, from containerized cargo ports on the Florida coast to the Oregon coast, and everywhere in-between, Connect802 is perhaps the only firm that exclusively focuses on wireless data networking that can provide this scope of service.

We Bring a Broad Scope of Experience to Your Project

While Connect802 focuses exclusively on wireless network system design, product sales, on-site services, installation and support we also have the expertise and experience to integrate our systems into your existing IT infrastructure. We bring a technology team to your project that not only includes appropriately certified wireless network engineers and RF engineers but also includes network engineers with deep knowledge of network architecture and protocol interaction. We know about 802.11 Wi-Fi but we also know about OSPF and BGP. We know how RF signals propagate but we also know how Spanning Tree Algorithm operates with Port Fast. We're with you on IPv4 and IPv6, MPLS, and all the other current technologies that are part of your IT landscape. Bottom line: we know networking; not just wireless networking. This is a critical skillset to have in a project team because your wireless network system is going to be an extension of your wired IP (or other) infrastructure. These have to work together to make your project successful.


About the Company Name

Our company name is a reminder that we focus on wireless data networking which emerges from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) project 802, the IEEE family of standards dealing with local area networks. IEEE 802.11 is the familiar family of Wi-Fi wireless networking standards, IEEE 802.16 are the WiMAX standards and 802.22 are the standards for Wireless Regional Area Networks. We are also active in the area of Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems (WMTS) and cellular voice and paging which, while they fall outside the IEEE 802 standards family, have similar design characteristics.

A Brief Company History

Connect802 was founded as a California corporation in 1994, originally as Optimized Engineering Corporation. Our focus was on wired Ethernet LANs with special emphasis on packet-level protocol analysis. We began the transition to the wireless space in 1998 and changed the name of the company to Connect802 Corporation in 2003 as we began to focus exclusively on wireless data networking. The company founders are part of the company's current senior management team and bring with them the mature vision and direction that will keep Connect802 moving forward into today's evolving technological landscape.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Connect802 Corporation Value Proposition

Why you will choose Connect802 Corporation as your trusted resource for wireless data networking:

Connect802 is an experienced player in the IP, Internet, and wireless LAN marketplace. We've been in business since 1994 so you know you're not dealing with a "start-up" company with limited history. You can trust our credibility and expertise.

Wireless network design from Connect802 is based on our trained and certified RF engineering team's deep understanding of radio system design and signal propagation. We're not simply a bunch of sales and tech support folks basing design and specification decisions on a few manufacturer's training classes. You can be sure you're getting the right design and the right equipment to meet your requirements.

Connect802 is one of the only design and product sales companies in the United States that utilizes 3-dimensional RF CAD Modeling and Simulation in the development of wireless LAN 802.11 Wi-Fi design and equipment specification. This means that you avoid the costly, time-consuming, and error-prone methods used by companies that simply send somebody out to walk around with a test access point to try to figure out where to put access points. You get the advantages of today's most sophisticated RF design and engineering capabilities.

Connect802 covers the entire United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and can dispatch engineers to your site for RF spectrum analysis or project management and can provide truck rolls for installation services from over 200 locations nationwide. This means you have the right resources available to complete your project on time, in budget, and according to spec.

How you will decide that Connect802 Corporation provides the best solution:

When you're looking for a wireless network, 802.11 WLAN integration partner or Wi-Fi design and consulting resource you'll choose Connect802 because we have a broader scope of capabilities and a deeper understanding of the technology and the marketplace than less qualified competitors.

The key deciding factors for choosing Connect802 as your trusted wireless LAN solutions provider are the need for accurate, detailed, and technically advanced design methods and the need to build out turnkey Wi-Fi wireless network 802.11 WLAN systems with a minimum of in-house hassle.

Where you will see the greatest value with Connect802 Corporation:

You may not have an in-house staff dedicated to designing, installing, managing, supporting, and developing your wireless data network (or you may need resources that go beyond what you want your in-house staff to provide). Connect802 can provide you with engineering and consulting resources, wireless network Wi-Fi 802.11 WLAN equipment, and nationwide installation services with both ad hoc sales and full turnkey packages. When you need to have access to Connect802's engineering and sales resources your Return on Investment will come in the form of design and equipment specification correctness and the attention-to-detail that Connect802 provides for the complete project lifecycle.

When you are ready to buy a Connect802 wireless data network solution:

It's As Easy as a Phone Call to Your Connect802 Sales Representative!

Just call (925) 552-0802 and tell the receptionist that you would like to speak to sales. You'll be directed to your regional sales representative who will talk through your project and how Connect802 can provide a solution for you.

Most projects begin with your submission of site plans and floor plans for the intended installation site. You'll submit plans and accompanying Statement-of-Work or other documents to your sales representative or simply to Your plans will be evaluated to develop a price quotation for your project.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Connect802 Corporation
Services and Products Overview

Connect802 provides a broad ranges of commercial-grade wireless LAN 802.11 Wi-Fi WLAN equipment as well as the RF network design and analysis services to make sure your Wi-Fi wireless network system will work properly the first time, without weak areas or dead spots that require costly and time-consuming "go-backs."


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