Connect802 client references from commercial 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN and WMTS Wireless Medical Telemetry customers. Indoor and outdoor wireless data network solutions.

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Client References

Connect802 has been providing professional design, consulting and support services since 1994.
Our systems have been installed across the United States. The clients shown here
are a representative cross-section to present our scope and depth of experience.

We will be pleased to provide you with contact information for specific reference accounts upon request.


“I would normally have allocated 3 days to survey an area this large, and would have had to spend the entire time on site supervising the survey. Connect802 has helped us streamline the hospital site survey process by providing us with computer models of the building showing us where the predicted “best case” installation location for each WMTS receiver antenna….We’ve been impressed with the level of technical expertise demonstrated by the RF engineers at Conenct802 and their use of the simulation and modeling software that allows them to create installation drawings for us.”
– Tom Boston,
Drager Medical


“We, at SmartHands Technology, were very impressed with the predictive coverage analysis report that we received from Connect802...I was very impressed with all of the documentation that made it extremely easy for the installer to correctly position the Cisco access points and antennas.  The resulting actual coverage was exactly what your predictive design report said it should be in the warehouse.” 
Bob Meissner, SmartHands Technology, Inc.