Connect802 is a nationwide wireless network equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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"If the student has failed to learn,
the teacher has failed to teach."

Our engineers aren't just excellent technologists,
they're able to communicate their knowledge as well!

Technical training and customer education provided by from Connect802 makes each learning experience unique, exciting and productive.

Overhead Delivery and Guided Discussion

Speakers from Connect802 are regularly featured at major industry trade shows across the United States. A quick web search for connect802 presentations will make it clear that when it comes to providing exciting, interesting and relevant seminars, "We've Got You Covered!" Plus, Connect802 can arrange on-site training programs as part of a Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle, to bring your IT staff up to speed on the new equipment and technology you've purchased.

The Confusion About Adult Education In the Tech Industry

A website visitor (who was unwilling to identify themselves) had some strong opinions when they read through this page of the site. They said that our approach to education "Tells me you know nothing about how adults learn.You obviously do not know." Well, that taught us! It's unfortunate that this reader didn't "get it" when it comes to working with experienced field experts who are coming to a seminar or training program to further their practical workplace skills. This reader felt that technical training should follow the dogma and rigid structure associated with a master's degree program at the university. We know better! Connect802's educational programs focus on real-world skills and our instructors know how to interpret student responses in a classroom to assure that the instructor doesn't "fail to teach" and that the students don't "fail to learn". Perhaps if this anonomous visitor had attended a Connect802 program they would have been better educated as to the needs of today's students in the workplace.

Consultative Training

In the 1990's, Connect802 was one of the first companies to offer Consultative Training, an ideal mix of instruction and hands-on experience to optimize the learning experience. Typically, when a consultant is hired to do a job they come out, do their work, and it's understood that having the on-site staff "looking over their shoulder" is a distraction to be avoided. With Consultative Training the approach is exactly the opposite. A Connect802 engineer will come to your site with the express purpose of completing a specific consulting job but with the goal of directly involving your on-site team in the process. If we're troubleshooting a problem we'll explain our methodology and teach you our techniques. If we're configuring a wireless LAN controller we'll have you at the keyboard, walking you through the steps so you learn how to do it yourself. That's what Consultative Training is all about - passing our knowledge and experience to you while accomplishing a specific set of consulting project goals.

Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Connect802 Customer Education Services Value Proposition

Why you will choose Connect802 to provide your educational services:

When we say that Connect802 provides you with a complete range of products and services we include the important aspect of user and administrator education in the mix. After the sale is completed and the system is installed, you're still going to have to be there to manage, monitor, and control the system. You have to know how to do it. Connect802 recognizes the importance of proper training and education and we're ideally suited to meet your requirements.

In the 1990's, Connect802 had a significant presence in the Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol analysis training marketplace. Our instructors and field consultants traveled from Australia to Europe providing advanced, technical training classes for major companies. That same foundation remains with Connect802 today - a commitment to excellence in customer education. Our training materials follow best-practices for adult learners. Our live presentations are logically structured and delivered by exciting, easy-to-understand presenters who are at home on the platform in front of an audience and behind a web browser during a Webinar.

Although Connect802 is not in the business of delivering instructor-led training programs today, that experience and expertise are visible in all of our customer education services.

How you will decide that Connect802 provides the best customer education:

When you buy equipment from Connect802 it's a natural extension of the relationship to have a Connect802 instructor-engineer at your site to provide hand-on training or to schedule a Webinar presentation for your team. "We designed it; we sold it to you; we configured it; we installed it - who better to teach you how to use it!"

Where you will see the greatest value with Connect802 educational services:

When your team spends a day with a Connect802 engineer it can save them many hours of frustration compared to a self-taught approach to learning new equipment features, capabilities, and user interface specifics. The value of Connect802 education is proportional to level to which the administrators and managers of your new equipment need to quickly come up to speed on its use and configuration.

When you are ready to buy education services from Connect802:

For instructor-led seminar or Webinar delivery, your Connect802 sales representative will work with you and a Connect802 engineer-educator to develop a syllabus for the program. In many cases Connect802 utilizes one or more standardized syllabi and delivery formats to provide a learning experience. Electronic and printed training and support materials may also be available (like our on-line tutorials, "Wi-Fi: Just the Facts" or a Connection Coach Guide that accompanies an equipment order). In every case, you'll work with your Connect802 sales representative to bring a customer education and training element to your project.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Customer Education Services Program Details

Customer Training Classes Sponsored by Connect802 Vendors

Connect802 customer service, education and training, and self-education resources provide a broad scope of knowledge exploration and a rich and varied learning experience for our clients. We understand the business case and value proposition associated with innovative wireless LAN, 802.11 WLAN training, education, and certification.

After you've participated in a Connect802 educational seminar or on-site class we believe you'll say, "That was the best seminar I've ever attended!"


Connect802's unique Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle product and service bundles include system design, equipment, Installer's Working Plans, and a customized Connection Coach Installation and Configuration Guide.

Each Connection Coach Guide focuses on exactly what you'll need to know to get your system up and running quickly and without having to wade through the pages of the manufacturer's Users Guide. We've provided screen images of the equipment's user interface with step-by-step instructions for essential management and monitoring functions.

The Connection Coach Guide goes hand-in-hand with Connect802's Configuration and Staging Service where your equipment was pre-configured prior to shipment so you don't have to go through the initial setup starting with a factory default configuration.

Some of the types of topics that you may find in your Connection Coach Guide include:

  • How to plug in all the cables (with particular attention to connecting switch trunk ports and VLAN ports).
  • How to add, modify, or delete a userid and password
  • How to check the operational status of your equipment
  • How to change administrative rights
  • How to save and restore configuration files
  • How to configure a new SSID

On the CWNP Training Services page you'll find blogs, columns, forums, free white papers and tutorials, books, practice tests and much more. Connect802 recommends the CWNP certification program as the track to wireless LAN understanding and knowledge. We have CWNP certified instructors on staff.

At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion About Customer Education and Training

Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how a customer education and training solutions can be implemented to meet your needs.

Connect802 will help you define your customer education strategy and provide you the specific learning path you need to be successful. Our educational content is unmatched in the industry and represents the accumulated knowledge of one of the most experienced and expert engineering teams in the industry.. We put our expertise in wireless LAN 802.11 WLAN training and education to work for you.
Our educational content will meet your staff's needs with solutions that minimizes your expense and turn-up timelines.

It's vital that the network administrators responsible for managing and monitoring a wireless LAN receive proper training in the use, configuration, and monitoring of their equipment and overall system. The reason that authorized Cisco Learning Partners provide instructor-led and live e-learning is to offer higher levels of customer service and help organizations gain a competitive advantage in today's increasingly mobile workforce. When a customer buys Cisco equipment it's valuable for them to take advantage of the expertise provided by a Cisco Learning Partner and a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor. Because Connect802 is not an authorized Cisco reseller we don't have Certified Cisco Instructors on staff. We provide a significant amount of Cisco design and consulting for Cisco Systems wireless LAN equipment (particularly in the hospital marketplace) but we feel that Cisco training is best left to authorized Cisco instructors who provide the best Cisco Systems training. When you need authorized Cisco training you need resources beyond what Connect802 can provide.