"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."
Vince Lombardi

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Connect802 Management

A Senior Management Team Leading the Way
Into the Future of Wireless Communications

Our team is committed to leadership, flexibility, team work, honesty, and sound judgment.


Joe Bardwell
President and Chief Scientist

Joe Bardwell applies many years of business savvy and advanced engineering experience to the company. He is directly responsible for the RF engineering and design projects and he manages Connect802's network design staff. Mr. Bardwell was the founding engineer and program manager for the Certified Network Expert (CNX) professional certification program for which he received industry-wide recognition. He has been called on to deliver technical presentations for Bell South, IBM, NASA, the National Security Agency, and many other high-tech clients. His professional career includes management and executive positions with a number of computer network industry leaders, which is a long way from the days when he was fresh out of college climbing utility poles in the rain!



Dave Kornreich
Vice President of Sales and Director of Business Development

Dave Kornreich, with a proven track record in technology system selling and sales management, combines 'street smarts' with trained professionalism to orchestrate the sales and marketing process at the company. During his distinguished career, Mr. Kornreich has held positions at Chase Manhattan Bank, Morgan Stanley, Network General Corporation, and WildPackets. Mr. Kornreich established, and manages, the channel sales programs at Connect802, currently extending through 16 reselling partner companies across the united states with a combined direct field sales force of over 40 people.


Anita Lenk
Vice President of Operations and Director of Professional Services

  • Technical instructor and field engineer for over 16 years

Anita Lenk, serving to provide oversight and guidance to the company's overall operation, is also a highly experienced engineering services director. Her input, and her ability to capture the high-level view of the company in the context of the day-to-day operational requirements keeps Connect802 on track. Ms. Lenk has spent her career in the communications and computer networking industry with experience in product development, lifecycle management, and cost accounting.