Submitting a project to Connect802 is easy - just upload your floorplans and we'll get back to you with a price quotation before the end of the next business day!

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Project Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your drawing files...

Please take a moment to read through the Submission Guidelines for your Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design


Step 1: Obtain electronic copies of your floorplans (or outdoor site plans)

Files will be accepted for review in any of the following formats:

  • AutoCAD 2004 .dwg (our preferred file format)
  • Other AutoCAD .dwg file format
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Scanned or copied image files: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Manual CAD Drafting when accurate floorplans are not available

Be sure that the files contain a visual scale reference (i.e. a dimension draw on the floorplan indicating the distance between two points). We can NOT determine the scale when a drawing simply says something like "1/8 inch = 1 foot". The concept of "1/8 inch" conveys no meaning when the electronic drawing is viewed on the computer screen. A valid scale reference would be any distance marking included in the drawing, your measurement of the long dimension of a room or hallway, or a confirmation that the site has standard 3'-0" door openings. This also applies to AutoCAD drawing files.

Examples of Valid Scale References

We will contact you if we have any questions or concerns about the correct scaling for your drawings.

For outdoor design projects you should provide a site plan in any of the above formats and you must also provide the exact street address with the nearest cross street. For long-distance Point-to-Point links you can provide a Google Earth reference file with the coordinates.

Step 2: Use the On-Line Connect802 Submission System to Upload Your Files

Fill out the information requested in the submission form and submit your files.

Project Name: Create a meaningful, brief project name that's easy for you to remember. If you come back at a later time to submit additional files or information for the same project you'll want to use the same name.
Project Description: Let our RF engineering team understand, in general terms, what this project entails. You might say something like "This wireless network will be used in our main office to support people who access our database server." The purpose for the Project Description is to give the RF engineer a sense of what you're planning on doing with the network so they'll be able to best develop a set of project specifications.
Total Buildings / Floors: Let us know how many buildings are in scope and how many total floors (total across all buildings) there are. This will help our engineers confirm that they have all the necessary drawings for the project.
Files and Descriptions: Browse to select a file and provide a description of what the file shows.
Wireless Application Support: Check the boxes that apply to your project
Additional Comments: Let us know if there is anything else we should know about the project that you feel is important. If you want separate designs for separate Wireless Standards you should tell us what you want in the Additional Comments section. You might say, "Provide a design for 802.11a/b/g and a separate design for 802.11n." Note that there is an additional cost associated with developing separate designs for multiple standards. Contact your Connect802 sales representative if you have questions.


Click the Submit Button

When you submit your files the Connect802 engineering team will be automatically notified and they'll provide the necessary information to Connect802 sales for the creation of a project price quotation.