Connect802 is a nationwide wireless network equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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High Throughput Point-to-Point Bridging

Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Wireless Point-to-Point Links
T1/T3 OC-3 to OC-24 Leased Line Replacement
The Alternative to Trenching Fiber Between Buildings

Connect802 is a certified reseller for Gigabit Wireless Ethernet Point-to-Point Bridge Radios - when you need to buy a wireless backhaul infrastructure, last mile wireless broadband extension or leased-line replacement solution you can count on Connect802's consulting, design, sales and installation expertise and experience!

Authorized BridgeWave Wireless Reseller
Authorized Exalt Communications Reseller

Multiple Point-to-Point Connections Creating a Hub-and-Spoke Architecture From a Central Building
Connect802 Provides Nationwide Design, Consulting and Installation Services For Your Wireless Bridge Implementation

Find out more information about how you can replace Telco T1, T3 and OC-3 to OC-24 leased telephone circuits using high speed point-to-point wireless bridges that are specifically designed to carry telephone circuits. Connect802 can help you determine whether Leased Line Replacement makes economic sense for your organization.
Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Wireless Bridge Value Proposition

Why you will choose a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless bridge system

Extension Of the Ethernet LAN and IP Data Network

Leased Phone Line Replacement

Terminology You'll Encounter Related to High-Capacity Wireless Bridges

How you will decide that Connect802 provides the best point-to-point wireless Ethernet and TDM bridge solution:

Connect802 is your one-stop-shop for point-to-point microwave radio systems. We provide solutions that operate in many frequencies, some license-exempt and others licensed. We can provide you with reliable, secure connectivity when and where you need it - even in the most challenging environments!

Connect802 is an authorized BridgeWave Communications reseller and an authorized Exalt Communications reseller. As an authorized dealer for BridgeWave and Exalt radio equipment our sales and engineering team is educated and experienced in the details of wireless bridge consulting, design, specification and installation. Connect802 is your wireless bridge design consulting source!

As an authorized BridgeWave dealer and installer, Connect802 makes available millimeter wave 60 GHz license-exempt and 80 GHz light-licensed Gigabit Ethernet bridge equipment for links up to roughly 2 miles. As an authorized Exalt dealer and installer, Connect802 makes available license-exempt and licensed radio equipment in the 5 GHz, 11 GHz, 18 GHz, 24 GHz and 32 GHz frequency bands for links of up to 25 miles or more.

Our field engineering team provides full installation and operational support including antenna alignment services, wireless point-to-point bridge design, engineering and troubleshooting as well as being able to bring RF spectrum analysis for wireless bridge links to your project.

Connect802 can provide design, consulting and physical site assessment (including RF spectrum analysis) for the implementation of long-range wireless bridges and carrier-grade backhaul microwave radio to connect buildings 100 feet apart, 5 miles apart or 25 miles apart.

When you need to buy a wireless bridge (or a wireless repeater) you're faced with choices that range from consumer-grade wireless access point bridges (often 802.11n wireless access points operating in "bridge mode") to sophisticated, high-speed point-to-point licensed and license-exempt bridge equipment. A wireless Ethernet bridge implementation can be straightforward or it may require point-to-point consulting, design and engineering services. There is an entire spectrum (pun intended) of options for microwave high-capacity backhaul Broadband connectivity from which to choose:

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Ethernet Bridges (using Wi-Fi access points in Bridge Mode)
  • 2.4 GHz Dedicated Point-to-Point Bridging Equipment (often implemented as an 802.11n bridge pair)
  • 5.1 GHz/5.2 GHz, 5.3 GHz, 5.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz Unlicensed Point-to-Point Ethernet Bridges (often implemented as an 802.11n bridge pair in the 24 20 MHz U-NII bands)
  • 4.9 GHz (Public Safety Only)
  • 5 GHz License-exempt Ethernet and TDM Bridges
  • 6 GHz Licensed Microwave PtP Bridges
  • 11 GHz Licensed Microwave PtP Bridges
  • 18 GHz Licensed Microwave PtP Bridges
  • 23 GHz Licensed Microwave PtP Bridges
  • 24 GHz Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS)
  • 28 GHz, 29 GHz and 31 GHz Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS)
  • 38 GHz Licensed Microwave PtP Bridges
  • 42 GHz Licensed Microwave PtP Bridges
  • 60 GHz Unlicensed PtP Bridges
  • 80 GHz Licensed Microwave PtP Bridges (millimeter wave radio)
  • 92 GHz to 95 GHz Licensed Millimeter Wave radio

Where you will see the greatest value with Connect802 as your wireless bridge provider:
When you are ready to buy a wireless Ethernet bridge or lease line replacement solution:
Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint
Equipment Details
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Targeted Discussion and Specifications For Wireless Point-to-Point Bridging and Wireless Leased Line Replacement

You'll find numerous Web references and discussion related to high speed and Gigabit Ethernet wireless point-to-point bridging and wireless leased line replacement. Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on how wireless bridging and leased line replacement solutions can be implemented to meet your requirements.

Exalt Communications DEMS and LDMS Equipment

Exalt Communications ExtremeAir, ExploreAir, and ExtendAir microwave backhaul systems, the Exalt Air Series, support non-traditional licensed microwave frequencies including 24 GHz DEMS (Digital Electronic Message Service); the LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution Service) bands of 28, 29, and 31 GHz; and 42 GHz. The expanded band coverage offers mobile operators and other spectrum holders the ability to leverage a much wider array of spectrum for packet-based mobile backhaul in environments where customary bands are becoming saturated and in which the number of cell sites is poised to explode with the widespread deployment of LTE microcells and picocells.

For organizations with access to spectrum, deployment is a simple as choosing the right Exalt all-outdoor system for the application. For those without current access, spectrum may be licensed from existing license holders. Additionally, as regulatory authorities such as the FCC in the United States and Ofcom in the UK release new bands of spectrum for licensing, Exalt will quickly support these emerging bands to give operators and backhaul service providers even more flexibility in deploying microwave backhaul systems