Connect802 is a nationwide wireless network equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Take Advantage of Connect802's Experience and Expertise When You Install Your Wi-Fi Wireless Network System

Let Connect802 handle your wireless system installation
to take advantage of our Wi-Fi design and consulting experience

Connect802 will work with your facilities team or any licensed contractor that you select to perform the actual installation work. Our Installation Support services will provide your installer with an immediate technical resource to answer questions or provide technical insight. In addition, the Connect802 on-site engineer will be performing system configuration and testing to confirm that everything is working properly.

Connect802 will help you oversee your installation work. We will have an engineer on-site who will be a point-of-contact for the cabling and installation technicians and will be configuring and testing your system as it's being installed.

There are a number of situations that we've encountered during past installation projects - each of which was addressed before the installation work was complete. Some examples are:

Our Wi-Fi installation support services extend to all equipment that we sell including:

  • Wi-Fi wireless LAN switch system installation
  • Highly secure enterprise WLAN system installation
  • Point-to-Point / Point-to-Multipoint outdoor wireless distribution system installation
  • Wireless Voice-over-IP (VoIP) installation
  • Wireless video surveillance system installation
  • 4.9 GHz public safety licensed system installation
  • Mesh router Wi-Fi network installation
  • Luxury home, MDU/MTU, and hospitality Wi-Fi network installation
  • Transportation (trains, airports) Wi-Fi installation
  • Warehouse and manufacturing wireless 802.11 network installation

On-Site installation support services can be arranged at your site nationwide. Using our Connect EZ Site Survey a floor plan is created showing the exact location for the installation of access points, antennae, and other devices specified in a Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle . You may choose to install the equipment using your own on-site facilities staff or a licensed installation contractor of your choosing. Your wireless equipment will be configured and tested in accordance with the work order provided by the Connect802 engineering team and you'll be fully operational. Our pre-installation Physical Site Assessment services include a careful validation of each aspect of the project on which a successful outcome is based, including:

  • A physical site assessment to confirm suitability of each intended mounting location
  • Confirmation of suitable AC power capacity and availability
  • Coordination with required security or safety personnel
  • Installation support for all required structured Ethernet cable (both indoor and outdoor installation)
  • Specialty installation feature design and installation consulting including: trenching, overhead aerial cables and tower or pole erection
  • Confirmation of the mounting of all access points and antennas including required antenna cable runs and antenna grounding
  • Verification of appropriately weather-rated or fire-rated wireless network equipment enclosures
  • Interconnection of the Wi-Fi system to the existing IP network infrastructure ["IP Architecture Design" services
  • Equipment turn-up and on-site configuration ["Configuration and Staging" services]
  • Post-installation coverage and connectivity verification ["Post-Installation Verification" services]

Wireless Network Installation Support Services Nationwide

When you install an 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN you need an appropriately certified and licensed cabling contractor and you need on-site wireless network expertise. Your cabling contractor or facilities staff may have the required expertise to physically install the system but Connect802 brings years of wireless LAN installation experience and specific product knowledge to the project.

Our on-site engineer can provide services ranging from equipment configuration, testing and turn-up to complete project management. Connect802 will assure that your new wireless system will be properly integrated into your wired Ethernet and IP infrastructure with proper attention to VLANs, subnets, firewall restrictions and regulatory requirements.


Extensive Field-Experience Assures Successful Project Completion

Connect802 is not just a Wi-Fi equipment reseller with a staff of newly certified wireless systems engineers. The RF engineers who supervise your project are experienced field installers themselves. They know the physics of RF signal propagation and they know how to terminate a TIA/EIA-568B cable! They know how to configure a firewall and how to properly ground an antenna! Our extensive field experience goes beyond what most of our competitors can bring to your wireless LAN installation project.


No Project Is Too Difficult; No Schedule Is Too Impossible

When Connect802 was asked to meet a three month schedule for the design and installation of upgraded guest-access Wi-Fi in over 80 major hotels across the United States we met the challenge. When our team worked with local installers to install outdoor wireless LAN systems in over 30 bus maintenance depots from Georgia to California over the course of two months we met the challenge. From New York to California to Hawaii and from Florida to Washington and Alaska - Connect802 can be your installation support resource for your wireless network system.


Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Connect802 Installation Support Services
Value Proposition

Why you will choose Connect802 for your Wi-Fi network system installation:

Connect802 is your single source for a complete, turnkey system. Wireless LAN installation support services are only available for equipment purchased through Connect802. This means that when Connect802 is also running the installation you have a tight integration between the technicians pulling the cable and mounting the equipment and the RF design engineers, software support specialists, and sales representatives who provided the system in the first place. Connect802 can handle the direct, on-site project management and oversight of the installation crew as well as all the other aspects of an installation project that take place behind the scenes.

How you will decide that Connect802 installation services provide the best solution:

Our team can provide you with complete project oversight. You'll contract directly with the cable and equipment installation company (or use your in-house facilities staff) and Connect802 is able to take the lead in getting the project done. Because Connect802 is regularly engaged in the installation phase of wireless network systems we have insight and expertise that only comes from experience. You can leverage that experience when you bring Connect802's installation support services to your project.

Where you will see the greatest value with Connect802 installation support services:

Connect802 has been in the wireless network space since before the inception of 802.11 Wi-Fi. That's a depth of experience that most likely goes beyond what any cabling contractor or facilities staff can bring to your project. We know how to get the job done right the first time. When you engage Connect802 for installation support services you're placing responsiblity with a responsible source and you're getting the maximum value for your investment.

When you are ready to use Connect802 as your system installer:

Connect802 will handle everything. When you contract with Connect802 to provide your installation services we do the rest... it's just that simple.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.
Connect802 Wireless Network
Installation Services Details

Prior to an installation project we'll typically perform a Physical Site Assessment. This may be performed much earlier in the project lifecycle at the time our RF engineer comes to your site for RF spectrum analysis or calibration survey work. When it's time to roll the trucks, Connect802 will bring an employee-engineer to the site to oversee the local installation contractors.

The Physical Site Assessment Report
A Physical Site Assessment Report provides photo documentation for each installation location and each cable run. In addition to the Installer's Working Plans provided with the system design the Physical Site Assessment Report gives the on-site installer exact information for each location PLUS it provides decision makers on the project an advance opportunity to approve or change any installation location.

When a Physical Site Assessment is performed the Connect802 engineer inspects and photographs the site to provide detailed documentation for the installation work. At the same time, each proposed installation location is assessed and evaluated with the following objectives:

  • Identify any construction characteristics that would affect the actual installation
  • Make sure that each physical installation location is suitable and reasonable and is not impacted by real-world factors in the environment including:
    • Metal soffit or lighting fixtures that would cause signal obstruction or multi-path reflection
    • Portable/mobile carts, storage units, vehicles, or other variable obstructions that may be used in the production environment but not depicted in a floor plan
    • Walls that can not be penetrated (glass, negative-pressure, poured concrete, etc).
  • Potential regulatory issues (plenum space, OSHPD certification, fire code, etc).
  • Kitchen areas where microwave ovens are located
  • Special aesthetic concerns
  • Confirm accessibility for cable runs relative to IDF/MDF locations
  • Photograph and mark each location to facilitate decision making and installation
  • Provide documentation that the installer can use to determine required tools, materials and supplies, and equipment prior to the scheduled installation-start date

On-Site Installation Support

Just let us know...

Connect802 is ready to provide experienced
on-site installation support resources
anywhere in the United States!

At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

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Check the weather report for your planned installation city.

NOTE:The chance of rain must be less than 30% and the chance of thunderstorms must be less than 10% over the proposed course of any outdoor project before Connect802 will dispatch an on-site installation crew.