Connect802 is a nationwide wireless network equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Sales and Marketing

How We View the Sales Process and Where We Focus Our Efforts

Honesty - Integrity - Professionalism - Technical Excellence - Analytical Rigor


Best-Practices Services / Best-Fit Equipment
We will not "push" a product or service based on the sales benefit it may bring to us. All recommendations will be made on the basis of best-practices design and best-fit equipment specifications.

Vendor-Neutral Design and Consulting
Although we are an authorized reseller of a number of vendor's products we provide design and consulting services from a completely vendor-neutral position. More than 50% of the design and consulting work that we do is for networks using equipment that we don't sell.

Consistent, Fair Pricing
Our pricing structure for design and consulting work is based on square footage (or quarter-square-miles outdoors). We have quantified standard design and consulting services offerings in a clearly delineated manner. This means you'll get a fair, consistent price for your project every time.

Quality Assurance
When we create a design we expect that the coverage we predict will be the coverage that's measured once the system is installed. If it's not, we will not charge additional design or consulting fees to address the remediation efforts.

Quid Pro Quo
When we work as a sub-contractor or we're introduced to a new client through an existing business relationship (or as a sales lead) we're acutely aware of the need to respect the rights of all the parties involved. We say, "We go home with the person that took us to the dance."