Connect802 is a nationwide wireless equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Professional 802.11 Wi-Fi Wireless Network
Post-Installation Verification to Confirm Compliance
With Design Specifications
for Coverage, Capacity and Throughput

Connect802 provides a number of professional post-installation Wi-Fi network system site verification services. The work effort and report structure for these services has been carefully quantified and formalized to provide a consistent set of high-quality deliverables and consistent, professional results.


Comprehensive Site Analysis and Detailed Data Reporting

The Expanded Verification and Gap Analysis provides the same types of heat map generation, signal strength analysis, tabular reporting, RF spectrum analysis, and throughput testing as a standard Post-Installation Verification but with a significantly greater level of detail.

  • Instead of simply performing site walks (as is done in a standard Post-Installation Verification) a set of measurements is acquired in each room and in each open area of 20 X 20 feet. The measurement set will be acquired both with doors to the room/area open and with doors closed (hence there will be two complete sets of documented measurements in each room or area). These measurement points will be:
    The four corners and the center of the room/area
    Each entryway or door threshold into the room/area
    Additional measurements if any key locations in the room/area are not otherwise encompassed
    Hallways and corridors will have a measurement made every 20 feet along the centerline.
    Key work areas (like nurses stations and reception counter areas) will have a measurement recorded as close as possible to the center of the area.
  • Real-World Application Testing
Measurements will be made using actual customer equipment or test equipment that exactly emulates the physical characteristics of the customer equipment. This may include medical Computer-on-Wheels carts, handheld inventory scanners, or other actual customer equipment.

Gap Analysis Procedures

The signal coverage heat maps and tabular data will be analyzed both during the on-site engagement and in additional detail during preparation of the final report and deviations from project specifications will be carefully noted. When gaps are discovered between the actual coverage and the intended coverage a discussion will be presented in the report to suggest mitigation strategies and, as required, to suggest locations for additional radio equipment to overcome deficiencies.

Unlike a standard Post-Installation Verification (where problems are simply called out), the Expanded Verification and Gap Analysis report will present specific mitigation options relative to any problems identified.
The Gap Analysis will discuss coverage cell overlap from each access point on the basis of coverage cell boundary range and adjacent cell coverage overlap. In this way a design specification such as “-65 dBm coverage boundary with 40% cell overlap” can be confirmed.

Additional Report Detail

The Expanded Verification and Gap Analysis service will always include an Off-Site Engineering Services report to umbrella the additional reporting features required to meet the objectives of the service.
Connect802 will help solve the wireless data system puzzle!

The Value Proposition for 802.11 Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Post-Installation Verification Service with WLAN RF Gap Analysis and Remediation

Why you will choose to have Connect802 perform a wireless LAN post-installation verification:

First, the reasons that you should have a post-installation on-site verification performed, then the reasons why you should choose Connect802 to perform the work.

You should perform post-installation verification of your newly installed 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN system because:

  • You want an assurance that your user community will be provided with the level of wireless service that's specified for the project
  • You want to be able to meet the requirements of a Service Level Agreement
  • You want to know that if there are user complaints of poor performance or "dead spots" that the problem absolutely doesn't lie with the network itself
  • You have to meet regulatory requirements for security including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, or FIPS
  • You need to document the operation and performance of the wireless network in which you've just invested
  • There are issues related to health and safety that mandate that the network's operation be verified. These may include the use hospital patient charting Computer-on-Wheels carts, remote robotic vehicles, environmental monitoring systems or other critical production activities.

You'll choose Connect802 to perform your post-installation wireless network system verification because:

  • Connect802 has been in business since 1994 and we bring years of experience to the project
  • Our engineers have performed millions of square feet of post-installation verification work since 2003
  • We have an intimate understanding of the issues facing network managers and end-users in hospitals, warehouse and production facilities, port containerized cargo facilities, convention centers, airports, K-12 and university environments, MDU condominiums and apartment buildings, and office complexes across the United States
  • Connect802 provides nationwide coverage with our offices in California, Tennessee and Hawaii provide three key dispatch points for on-site engineers minimizing travel and expenses associated with dispatching an on-site RF engineer to your site
How you will decide that Connect802 provides the best solution:

The strongest factors in choosing Connect802 as your engineering resource for post-installation verification can be discovered when you
review sample reports from previous on-site engagements. You'll see that the level of detail, the attention to technical accuracy, and our rigorous analytical methods provide you with an excellent, highest-quality survey report that you'll be able to trust.

Where you will see the greatest value with Connect802 post-installation verification:

Connect802 stands behind every wireless network design it creates. When our engineering team confirms your project specifications and develops a predictive RF CAD model for a critical project we follow up with an on-site calibration and RF spectrum analysis survey to validate the preliminary design to provide you with a final design and Installer's Working Plans. We pre-configure and install your system and we perform operational testing to make sure it's working. These on-site consulting services and the WLAN equipment are bundled into a single, turnkey solution; the Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle.

When you buy a turnkey Wi-Fi wireless Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle from Connect802 and you include Post-Installation Verification you have Connect802's complete assurance that the network will meet the project specifications or Connect802 will provide any additional design work, wireless network consulting services or on-site RF consulting services at no additional cost to correct any deficiencies. (Note: Travel and expenses and the cost of any additional equipment or installation may be outside the scope of this assurance - talk to your Connect802 sales representative for complete details about how Connect802 stands behind every Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle).

When you are ready to buy wireless network post-installation verification services:

Service details and pricing differs depending on how the post-installation services fit into the overall project. These alternatives include:

  • Post-installation verification services included in a complete Connect EZ Turnkey Wireless LAN Bundle turnkey product and service bundle
  • Post-installation verification of a design that was created by Connect802 but which was provisioned and installed by the client
  • Post-installation verification of a wireless network at a site where Connect802 had no prior involvement (i.e. someone else designed, provisioned, and installed the network).
  • Post-installation verification which is part of a troubleshooting engagement where specific performance problems have been identified.

Call your Connect802 sales representative to discuss the details of how our engineering team can be a resource for you and provide you with professional post-installation site verification including gap analysis and remediation services.

Connect802 is an authorized equipment and software reseller.

Post-Installation Verification
On-Site and Off-Site Service Details

The on-site and off-site engineering services performed during a Post-Installation Site Verification vary depending on the specific requirements of each job and on what other engineering work has been performed previously. The deliverable report will include complete details of the findings and may present signal coverage "heat maps", identification and RF spectrum analysis traces of noise and interference sources, and a complete gap remediation plan.


Standard and Extended Post-Installation Verification

Prior to installing a wireless system the site will have to be assessed relative to the physical mounting of equipment, cable run locations, and overall aesthetics. This is where our physical site assessment and documentation services come into play. We make sure that when the installation team arrives with the ladders and screwdrivers that they have all the information they need to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner.

After installation an on-site verification of proper signal coverage is performed to confirm that the wireless network is working in accordance with the design specifications. A standard post-installation verification provides an assurance of correct coverage while an extended verification documents signal coverage levels both above and below the target design specification.

Confirmation of Correct System Operation

Post-Installation Verification confirms that the wireless LAN system is operational. An on-site walk-through is performed during which time signal strength and noise measurements are made.
A graphic signal coverage map (“heat map”) is created showing the entire wireless LAN coverage area. This confirms that the intended signal strength is present in all locations and that no “dead spots” or weak coverage areas exist.
During the site walk-through a series of signal strength graphs are produced showing signal variations from one area to another within the site.
Tables showing the visible SSIDs and client devices are compiled for each area of the site so that signal levels from individual access points can be assessed and confirmed.

RF Spectrum Analysis Sweep

Using an RF spectrum analyzer, a sweep is performed through the site to confirm that the spectral signature of the transmitters is not being distorted by environmental noise or interference. One important caveat related to this standard post-installation is that individual spot measurements are not provided. Measurement is performed while walking through the site (or driving through an outdoor area). The results confirm proper system operation but do not specifically differentiate between variances from one specific room or area and another.

Verification that Design Targets Have Been Met

The RSSI (dBm) signal power levels specified for the system are compared to the actual measurements obtained during the on-site verification walk-through. If any discrepancies are noted they are called out in the verification report and if any significant problems are identified they are explored in more detail. Problem mitigation suggestions are provided in the delivered report.

Connect EZ Basic or Expanded Spectrum Analysis

This service is included when Post-Installation Verification requires verification of the levels and locations of environmental noise and interference in addition to the confirmation of proper Wi-Fi wireless signal strength and connectivity. The Basic Spectrum Analysis service isolates and describes problems or concerns while the Expanded Spectrum Analysis fully documents the spectrum throughout the entire site.

Real-Time Application Throughput Testing

To confirm usability a real-time data throughput and performance test is performed from one or more locations throughout the site. Using performance testing software, the on-site engineer establishes a bi-directional, multi-session data transfer between the wireless and wired network. These tests are performed using client and server hardware that’s provided by the on-site engineer. The results show the actual data throughput across the wireless network.

Gap Analysis and Remediation Modeling or Planning

In addition to the documented results for signal coverage, Connect802 can develop a detailed set of remediation plans. These plans are based on the signal measurement "heat maps" created from the actual on-site measurements. New access points are added to the design as required or existing access points are moved and the resulting predicted coverage is presented in the report with complete predicted "heat map" coverage models showing how the remediation work will correct the problems. Remediation Modeling is based on a 3-dimensional building model created when a design is based on a Connect802 Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design and Remediation Planning is based solely on real-world measured results obtained during the on-site, Post-Installation Verification work.


Graphic signal coverage maps are created during an exhaustive walk-through of each room and area at the site.
Signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is measured and evaluated for proper wireless LAN performance.
Tabular presentations of visible access points and noise sources are compiled and discussed in the report.
A qualified Connect802 RF engineer uses a spectrum analyzer to assess the characteristics of the environment. Results are fully documented and discussed in the report.
Data throughput testing can be performed using a client-server test application. Connect802 brings the necessary software and hardware for the testing.
At Connect802 - We've Got You Covered!

Targeted Discussion Regarding Post-Installation Verification with Gap Analysis and Remediation

Below are some targeted discussions to provide you with additional perspective on post-installation verification of 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN systems.

Connect802 brings 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n predictive design consulting, full on-site survey and survey documentation and complete post-installation verification and system documentation to your project. When you need to prevent inadequate coverage and eliminate weak coverage areas or "dead spots" you can guard against the increased expense of having to add additional equipment after then network is installed by applying professional 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n wireless network RF design and consulting best-practices beforehand. Connect802 is committed to professional excellence and engineering accuracy. Our rigorous analytical methods help assure that the planning, execution, coordination and verification of your wireless network will be performed with industry best-practices, on-time and in-budget.

The cost and time needed in planning Wi-Fi networks and confirming their performance characteristics is greatly reduced when on-site RF survey work is coupled with predictive RF CAD modeling and simulation. Together the CAD engineering and on-site wireless LAN survey provide the most effective way to visually plan and map out network coverage patterns and to optimize network coverage and performance.

Site survey and prediction software can produce remarkably accurate designs. It remains, however, for the post-installation on-site survey engagement to verify that the predicted performance is actually measured.

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