Connect802 is a nationwide wireless equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Please read the sales Terms and Conditions for:
Equipment / Product Sales

RF Consulting and Design Services

Cancellations and Change Orders

Installation Services

Returns must be authorized and are subject to a 25% restocking fee
Liability is limited for service and installation work
Charges may apply to cancellations and changes

Terms and Conditions for Equipment/Product Sales

Terms and Conditions for Services
(Including, but not limited to, RF Design, Spectrum Analysis, Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design, Consulting, and Installation)

  1. Every effort has been made to provide accurate, reliable placement, propagation pattern, and signal strength predictions in all RF design work performed by Connect802 Corporation. If you base any decisions on the information thus provided by Connect802, or on any other discussions with the RF engineering, sales or management team, you accept all liability for consequences arising from those decisions. You must consider the following points when applying an RF design to the real-world:

Cancellations and Change Orders
When the Statement of Work for a project has been offered and accepted the discussed onsite dates are committed to the Connect802 work schedule. Each party is responsible for all scheduling and coordination of their own resources required for the project. In the event that the buyer cancels or reschedules a project after a Purchase Order or other firm committment has been accepted by Connect802 for the project, the buyer is liable for payment of any non-refundable travel or shipping expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation or rescheduling. In addition, the buyer may be liable for a fee in the amount of 50% of the labor (daily rate) fees based on the estimated completion time stated in the Statement of Work. Connect802 may, at their sole discretion, waive the reimbursement and/or payment requirements.

Terms and Conditions for Installation Service