Connect802 is a nationwide wireless data equipment reseller providing system design consulting, equipment configuration, and installation services.

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Wireless Valley Software

RF CAD Modeling and Simulation for Virtual Site Survey WLAN Design, and 3-Dimensional RF Systems Design and Analysis for Many Air Standards

Application of the Wireless Valley (Motorola) LANPlanner and Enterprise Planner software allow Connect802 engineers to create accurate system designs without a costly and time-consuming on-site wireless LAN survey. This is the foundation for the Connect EZ Predictive RF CAD Design from Connect802.

The Most Sophisticated RF Modeling and Simulation Software Available Today!
The Partition Library provides RF characteristics for construction materials.
Your Connect802 RF design engineer formats the AutoCAD drawing to predict signal coverage, throughput, and Signal-to-Noise interference.
Propagation models support frequencies ranging from 150MHz to 60GHz. Predefined channel sets for every wireless air interface standard are included. Connect802 can work with you to design a custom channel set for new air-interface standards. Connect802 can design a complete wireless system and determine the performance at any location throughout your given environment. Frequency planning and interference management between microcells and outdoor macrocells is handled with ease. Wireless Valley software lets the Connect802 RF design engineer place base stations and antenna systems directly into the graphical database as you would with any drawing. The system then simultaneously displays the antenna system in a tree diagram with costs and provisioning.
Unlike simplistic RF design tools that are on the market, the Wireless Valley software allows complete control over antenna characteristics, frequency bands, and throughput requirements. Modeling can be performed for Wi-Fi, Wireless Medical Telemetry, Cellular Telephony, and any radio application.
  • "Getting In" and "Isolating Interference" are two leading industry articles co-authored by Wireless Valley Chairman, Dr. Ted Rappaport. They describe several key technical problems regarding in-building wireless design that are easily and quickly solved using Wireless Valley's revolutionary products.